This seems a little silly. There is an energy drink made in California called "Facedrink" and it claims to give you "social energy," whatever that is. This social beverage claims to "provide you with the extra energy needed to be social or to deal with your boss" and boasts being healthy; having no sugar or carbohydrates and containing only three calories, a little caffeine, taurine, and a variety of fruit flavors.

The company's website says the drink has "the taste of friendship" and offers no-crash energy. Apparently this drink is offered at "many retailers worldwide," but if you are having a hard time finding it (and I don't doubt you will), you can place orders online or become a vendor yourself.

The 2.5 fluid ounce shot, despite claims of being unique, reminds me an awful lot of the vast selection of others on the market like 5 Hour Energy or 8 Hour Energy Shot. The only thing unique about it as it would seem is the bad name meant to ride the coattails of Facebook - or sound like a face moisturizer.


Source: Facedrink