Aaron Rodgers has definitely garnered his share of attention over the years, initially for his talents on the field, followed by his choice of girlfriends, being very vocal about his standing with the Green Bay Packers, and most recently his choice of hairstyles. I am all for somebody doing whatever they want to express themselves, 100%, but I must say I am a tad baffled by his latest look.

As a league MVP with 18 years of experience on the field, Aaron Rodgers would seem outright to be a coach's dream in the NFL. Some of the plays he pulls off at the age of 38 are truly mind-boggling, but he has left fans and spectators alike shaking their heads more than once off the field.

The Packers barely eeked by a win over the New England Patriots in overtime this past weekend. A nail-biter of a game that nobody wants to watch unless you like watching football on the edge of your seat. But there was other talk of what was happening down on the field and it came from the sharp eye of the camera operator who zoomed in on Rodger's new haircut.

Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the game, so I don't know if there was any talk in the broadcast booth about Rodger's hair. I am not going to call him out at his age to be rocking a hairstyle like that, again I think you should be able to do whatever you want with your sense of style that makes you happy at any age, I personally just think it is not very attractive. The Huffington Post grabbed a few reactions on Twitter and apparently I am not alone, see below for yourself.

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