We love our meat raffles in Minnesota (and, really, most of the Upper Midwest). Some might think it's a weird way to spend a random afternoon or evening, but plenty of people in the North Star State go out of their way to plan around these community meat-based event staples.

Thanks to the folks at MinnesotaBreweries.com, finding your next meat raffle just got a lot easier! While the website's name might suggest they're all about locally-brewed beer, they also are in business of letting you know where you could toss a couple bucks at winning yourself some meat.

MinnesotaBreweries.com has developed an interactive map that lists the locations, dates, and times for meat raffles all around Minnesota, including a number of them right here in the Duluth area and on the Iron Range. Even better, if you know about a meat raffle that's missing from the map, you can let the website's team know about it, and they can get it added to the map. Want to take a look at the map? Hit the button below.


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