Some fashion ensembles deserve a do-over or a reprise — coming back into style whether we like it or not. We thought Lady Gaga‘s meat dress was a one-off when she wore it to the 2010 VMAs, but she’s dragged it out of retirement.

The new frock made it’s appearance on the Born This Way Ball tour. Gaga shared the photo, snapped by her photographer pal Terry Richardson, on Facebook. She wore it during the performance of ‘Americano’ while in Tokyo.

In the shot, she’s Gaga-as-ham hock, flanked by two plastic carcasses on either side. To her set designer’s credit, the slabs look real and we half expect Rocky Balboa to show up and start jabbing them.

Gaga’s hand is above her head on a hook, in a slaughterhouse-inspired scene that should piss off PETA. Her shoes are also meat-based. No vegan-inspired attire for Gaga here!

When Gaga first wore the meat dress, she intimated that she donned it to show that she is not a piece of meat and will not be treated as such. She must still feel that way and is spreading that message again.

For what it’s worth, this meat dress is a bit more fashion forward than the last one, with its strapless, sweetheart neckline and shorter hem. The poufy skirt is more stylish, too. It’s decidedly more femme and the cut — no pun intended — is flattering to her form.

Now that we’ve examined it for several minutes, this “material” looks a bit more cured, with its tighter, rubbery texture. We’re wondering if this isn’t really made of beef ligaments at all and is a replica of the meat dress “look” in a synthetic material? Look closely and tell us what you think. You never know with Gaga.

Also, don’t you think Gaga’s old school Italian dad Joe is probably fuming that his daughter would waste good meat that could be used in his gravy by turning into a sheath?

Amen fashion.

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