The new car wash on Central Entrance is open and I decided to give it shot, here are my thoughts.

Tommy's Express Car Wash opened this week and to celebrate they have a variety of deals including one I took advantage of on Facebook that gives me a month worth of unlimited car washes for free.

The signup process through their app was easy, I had to provide vehicle information including license plate number, and credit card information, as this is a trial of their monthly subscription service that I decided to try, cancelling is easily done within the app if needed. They also give the option to pause or transfer the subscription to another vehicle.

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I went early afternoon today to try out the wash and there were maybe 10 vehicles in the cash lane, but no vehicles in their designated app lane, I drove past everyone in the line up to the entrance, their system automatically scanned my license plate and lifted the bar for me to proceed.


I drove up to the short line leading into the car wash building and slowly drove ahead as an employee guided me onto their conveyer belt system, I put my vehicle in neutral and enjoyed the wash.

The conveyer belt seems to move faster than any other car wash like this I've experienced in the past, the soft touch mats rotated and slapped on the vehicle while colored lights provided some visual stimulation. Their drying process at the end seemed very good, and like the rest of the experience, it was quick, with no 45-second timer at the end while you slowly drive-through the dryer.


They also have a variety of vacuums and some automatic car mat cleaners when you exit the wash. You can also buy a small detailing kit for $3, I'll have to check out all these amenities during my next visit.

Overall I'm very impressed with Tommy's Express Car Wash, it was a smooth, fast experience and washed my vehicle well. I did notice, and so did a co-worker, that the automatic brushes didn't clean the back of the vehicle so great, but I'll continue to use them over the next month and see if it continues. I would also like to compare it to a Kwik Trip soft-touch car wash to see if one performs better than the other. Stay tuned.

Single wash prices vary from $8 to $18 and unlimited car wash subscriptions range from $19.99 to $34.99 per month. They are open every day from 7 AM to 9 PM.

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