While it isn't unheard of to see measurable snow in October, the first snowfall is always seems like a somewhat jarring reminder of the season ahead. While some areas of Northern Minnesota saw a dusting of snow last weekend, the first widespread measurable snow is expected to fall tonight.

The National Weather Service is forecasting precipitation sliding into the region overnight Thursday evening, starting off as rain. As temperatures cool across Northern Minnesota tonight, rain will change to snow, giving anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow in an area extending from Highway 2 northward to the Canadian Border.

As you can see in the map below, the immediate Twin Ports area won't see much in the way of snow (more likely on top of the hill, away from the lake), with areas just north of Duluth getting into the range of more than a dusting. Most of the Arrowhead and Iron Range could see 1-2 inches, while a few places along the North Shore, away from the lake, could see up to 3 inches.

Sure, 1-3 inches isn't exactly a snowstorm, but it marks the first measurable snowfall of the season. Some will celebrate, others will groan, but the season for snow potential is indeed here.


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