Mark McGrath is so much more than a pretty face and the lead singer of the band "Sugar Ray" he is an actor and game show host too. I have dug up a few things that I thought were pretty interesting about him including the fact that he is super active on Twitter and he has a wicked sense of humor.

  1. People Magazine named him sexiest Rocker of of 1998!
  2. Marks friend bet him $100 to get a Rolex Tattoo which he did and now says was a drunken mistake and one of the worst tattoos that he has TMZ
  3. He is constantly mistaken for actor Ethan Hawke and often signs autographs to fans pretending to be him. You know what, they do look really alike!
  4. He is a huge fan of boxing, though he admits he is not a fighter himself, he loves the courage and toughness that it takes to be one. IMDB
  5. Was called out by fans on the latest season of 'Celebrity Big Brother' saying  that he must have had plastic surgery. McGrath responded with the Tweet below.

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