I'll update this as I get new photos.  My thoughts are with all those affected by the flooding.  Please be careful out there!  Keep your kids inside.  Stay off the roads if you can.  Nothing you have to do today is more important than your safety.

An amazing set of pictures from Tammi stuck on Spirit Mountain:

We aren't under water but up here on the hill by Spirit Mountain about ten homes are land locked, meaning we can only get out with a four wheeler or by foot and that is when we can find a way across the running water. These pictures should be pretty rare since they are taken along West Skyline Parkway. On the East side just past 100th Ave West where they want to restore the historic park and the old bridge which lasted better then any repairs the city has done. Those should be the sixth picture and on, the first five pictures are of the main way out towards Spirit Mountain the closest road to that be 96th Ave West which are the two roads we are stuck between.


 If you have original photos or videos of flooding you'd like to share, please email tony@mix108.com or laura@mix108.com.

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