I can't even begin to start a list of all the things I loved to eat as a kid, that nobody makes anymore. Of course it is all types of candy or gum.

Thankfully though some of my favorites are still around like Wax Lips and Cinnamon Hot Dog gum, Bubblicious is awesome too. If you are feeling a little nostalgic here is a sample of some of the things off the list:

1.) Jell-o Pudding Pops; Oh Mr. Cosby.....who in their right mind did not love these? Everyone loves Jell-O pudding.

2.) Planters Cheez Balls: oh the crispy crunchy cheese love.

3.) Pepsi Blue: I do not miss this!

4.) Dr. Pepper Gum: Amazing! Reminds me of my Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker. :)

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