Every year for the last 25 years in the Springtime the tiny door is unlocked at the base of a very special Ash tree at Lake Harriet where adults and kids leave letters for a special elf named Mr. Little Guy. He then takes the letters and writes back to them. The tiny door is open all Summer but then locked up in the Fall.

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In all the years I lived in Minneapolis I had never heard of this before. Maybe because I did not hang around any little kids, so of course how would I have ever heard about this?  Well one adult was lucky enough to meet Mr. Little Guy in person. he is a reporter for KARE11. Like most elves Mr. Little Guy can be very mysterious and usually has quick responses for everything.

When asked what started him writing back to everyone he said because people wrote the notes.  Seems pretty logical.  As fun as it would be to get all these notes every week Mr. Little Guy did admit sometimes he gets kind of sad, because the letters themselves are sad. Kids that are sick or adults that are sad and lonely. But he does his best to make people feel a little better.

Unfortunately their always seems to be some people out there that are bent on being awful and this past Summer he had tons of letters that were taken out of the tree. To whoever this person is all I have to say is really? C'mon man. What a sweet tradition for so many families around Minneapolis who stop at this magical tree with or with out kids to have that brief moment to believe in something we can't see, but remain hopeful. The tree is locked up until Spring, but I do know it is on the walking path around the lake and just look for the little door at the base of the tree.

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