This is very important stuff right here! Have you ever wondered which holiday movie is the most popular in Minnesota or Wisconsin? It looks like we may have an answer for you. put in some hard work to come up with the answer. So what are we most likely watching right about now in Minnesota? According to their study, the answer is Noelle! I personally have never seen the movie but I know it is definitely a popular one.

Wisconsin is watching a different movie. The study suggests that Wisconsin's favorite holiday movie is none other than the classic It's A Wonderful Life. I also have never seen that one, despite the fact that it is a classic!

To come up with the results of this study, the website looked at iMDB's top fifty holiday movies at the time of research and then searched each movie individually using Google Trends. All of the classics are there: Die Hard, Home Alone and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Personally, I prefer really bad and cheesy holiday movies on Netflix, Hallmark and Hulu! Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit more than one of these films.

If you are looking for one of these movies to watch, I have you covered! A cheesy romantic holiday movie was filmed in Minnesota earlier this year. It is called The Christmas Listing and it was filmed just a few hours away in Isanti, Minnesota.

I will be sad once the holidays are over and we can't relish in these movies like we can during the holiday season! I guess this would also be a good time to state that Die Hard is in fact a Christmas movie, by the way. Ha!

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