Each year thousands of people parade through the self guided tour of the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship, and most go through it so fast, they may not even realize what they missed?

For the staff of the DECC and hundreds of volunteers, months and months of hard work pay off every October when the ship is taken over by ghouls, goblins and many un explainable noises and sights. Ever since I moved to Duluth, the Haunted Ship has been one of my favorite attractions.

I love everything about this time of year, but mostly I love to get the pants scared off of me, and this attraction does just that. The theme this year is "What are you afraid of?", and by the screams heard from people on the ship, that would be everything! :)  Make a point to stop and down and take the tour, I will be broadcasting live through out the month at the ships entrance, and for a full schedule of the haunted ship tours and times Click Here!