Bayley Anderson's art work was stolen from the Miller Hill Mall back in 2017 and until now was a mystery as to it's whereabouts. By a major stroke of luck and thanks to one persons keen eye her artwork was found.

According to WDIO River Emerson went to work last Tuesday having no idea what was in store for him that day. He and a co-worker had to go to clean out  a garage of an apartment building in Superior, that contained items left behind from a former tenant.

As they were cleaning out the garage something caught Emerson's eye as he looked down and noticed a picture behind a bed or mattress. He realized immediately that this was the picture that was stolen more than a year ago.

After the picture was initially taken Anderson and the Denfeld Police Liaison officer did some investigating but nothing turned up at the time.The Superior Police Department came and retrieved the artwork,  officers looked through the rest of the garage but didn't find anything of value.

Bayley said that the painting is now back at home and she joked that she was offended that they never hung it up. She went on to say she never wanted to press charges, she just wanted her art work back. Emerson said he thinks it was meant to be for him to be in that garage that day and that God had a plan.

Anderson is now a freshman at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and her dream is to be a freelance artist. Thankfully the picture is back where it belongs and she will have an amazing story to tell for years to come about this very special piece.

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