"Rodeo" Jared Allen has decided to hang it up, announcing his retirement from the NFL in a video that is perfectly fitting to anyone who knows his personality. As a defensive end, Allen started his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, but spent most of his career with his second team, the Minnesota Vikings.

While in Minnesota, he grew a large fan base and showed off his skill of finding and sacking the quarterback, known for his rodeo-roping sack celebration. Following his time with the Vikings, he played with the Bears, and found himself traded to the Carolina Panthers earlier this season, where he was able to make an appearance in the Super Bowl (although his team was ultimately beaten by the Broncos in the game).

Just a few weeks after the big game, Allen has apparently decided to hang it up. He released a video on Twitter today that was an (almost) perfect goodbye to his fans. You'll see why I say almost in the video.

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