Ali Hoffman and her dad Mike decided to make a video while quarantined like the rest of the country and it has gone viral. I could not help but grin from ear to ear given as this is a nice change of pace given all the bad news we seem to be inundated with lately. Ali did an awesome job lip syncing, but I really need to give it up to her dad and his mad dancing skills. According to Ali's Facebook page they now have over 10 million views in just over a week and were even featured on E News!

According to an interview with WGN in Chicago Ali said she and her dad were able to film the video in one take. This is the second time the pair made a video together and both times it has gone viral. The video was filmed at her parents house in Dallas, and you see a cameo of her Mom who will occasionally pop in and do an impromptu dance.

Her siblings were not surprised that they made another video but were not in it themselves because they do not live at home. They both said the whole goal of the video was to let everyone know we will get through this together. Everyone is so stressed out right now, so they wanted to spread a little joy with a dance in their kitchen. I say Mission accomplished.

Ali attended school at St. Thomas College in St. Paul and lived in the Twin Cities for a few years before moving back to Dallas where the video was shot. For more on this story and to see the interview click here

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