Ten Years Ago Daunte Culpepper signed a $102 million  contract with the Minnesota Vikings, fast forward to 2005 when he got his knee blown out during a game, and he was never the same.

Daunte sealed his fate with the Vikings getting into a massive argument with then head coach Brad Childress, and he was traded to the Miami Dolphins. Cullpepper has not played in the NFL since 2010, and lost out on a lot of money that he initially was to get from the Vikings, but over his career he still made a ton of money.

It just makes you wonder what kind of financial advise these athletes get, since you hear these types of stories all the time? To the average person a million dollars would seem to make you set for a lifetime, and these athletes get 10 or 20 times that and they are flat broke?

I guess the old saying the more you make the more you spend is absolutely spot on. For those of you that are Daunte fans, don't worry he will be fine, his foreclosed house in Florida is not the only property he owns.