Back in April, I told you that former Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress was hired as the head coach in a new football league, well he just quit a month before the league kicks off.

The Atlanta Legends is one of eight teams in the new Alliance of American Football or AAF. The team was preparing to kick off its first season when the league starts to play on February 9th and plays 12 games through April.

In a statement, Childress said, "I’ve been fortunate to work with many great players and coaches throughout my years in football — including those at The Alliance. Throughout it all, my biggest supporters have always been my family. I have an amazing wife, four kids, four grandchildren and am still lucky enough to have my parents around. For now, I need to refocus. I’m looking forward to spending time with them and supporting them as they’ve done so for me. Equally, I’m excited to root for each and every player that now has another opportunity to get out and play professional football with The Alliance. The Atlanta Legends are in great hands with Kevin Coyle at the helm.”

As Childress mentions in his statement, Kevin Coyle will take over head coaching duties and former Atlanta Falcons QB Micheal Vick is the offensive coordinator of the Legends.

Here is a video of Childress from earlier this week talking to the team with no indication that he might be leaving, I wonder what happened to make him have to quit the team just before the season starts, strange. Good luck Chilly!

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