Game of Thrones is never without at least one insufferable cad in a position of usurped authority, so who might fill the void left by Ramsay Bolton? According to star Pilou Asbæk, we might come to hate Euron Greyjoy in Season 7 even more-so than Ramsay or Joffrey.

Even as we only met Theon and Yara’s uncle for a brief “Kingsmoot” in Season 6 (itself a long-delayed plot from the books), Asbæk promised that Euron Greyjoy would take center stage in Season 7. Speaking with Empire (h/t The Independent), the Borgen star even purported his character a worse villain than Ramsay Bolton, and Joffrey by default:

The psychos I’ve encountered have so many different sides to them. So each scene I’ve done with Euron, I pick a new thing I wanna show: ‘This scene I want to be charming.’ ‘This scene I wanna be a molester.’ ‘This scene I wanna kill someone.’ … After this season, Ramsay’s gonna look like a little kid.

We seemingly got a taste of Euron’s wrath in the first Season 7 trailer, as Theon was observed amid what appeared to be a fiery naval battle. Timelines are increasingly wonky as Season 7 picks up the narrative pace, but we’d bet Salt King Euron got his thousand ships together fairly quickly; at least enough to attack his niece and nephew on the open water.

We’ll have to wait until at least July 16 to learn what particular villainy Euron brings to Game of Thrones Season 7, but watch the trailer again below in the meantime.

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