There's nothing like a good car. It's dependable, escorts on some key life moments and may even earn a name.

A bad car? Uggh. That's a different story.

You may not be familiar with the 1951 Hoffmann, a German vehicle made in post-World War Two with scrap parts that could be found (and, no, we don't know who the Hoffmann is responsible for this).

From getting in and filling the gas tank (which actually runs through the car) to a convoluted neutral-happy gear shift and an ill-placed side view mirror, you can quickly see why the Hoffmann -- which is all of six horsepower -- makes the Edsel look like a Lamborghini.

The Hoffmann may not be just the world's worst car. It may also be the world's first lemon, proving Germany was once even a world leader in being the worst.

So, the next time you jump into your car, turn the ignition and your windshield wipers start moving while the bumper falls off, just remember it could be much worse.

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