Get up close and personal with butterflies at the newest Lake Superior Zoo exhibit. The grand opening takes place on Wednesday July 26th. 

Starting at 5 p.m. tonight (7/26/17) you can see Six different species of butterflies up close in a all natural garden setting. The exhibit is called Beautiful Butterflies: An Up-Close Experience and the different species include:

  • monarch
  • painted lady
  • eastern black swallowtail
  • giant swallowtail
  • mourning cloak
  • gulf fritillary

The zoo will also receive 200 new butterfly pupae that will be added to the exhibit every week. The butterflies are nourished by plants placed in the beautiful walk through exhibit. Butterfly experts will be on hand to answer any questions you need and this exhibit will be open until September or October when it starts to get too cold out.

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