If you've watched the show, "The American Pickers," you know the premise.  Two guys, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, travel the country in their truck looking for lost, forgotten, hidden gems.  They're "pickers."  It's like going antiquing, but not at flea markets, shops, auctions, businesses, or any other place open to the public.  They're the guys that rummage through the old farmhouse looking for treasures.  Sure, they'll try and get the stuff for as little as they can, but that's the fun of watching them barter.

The old truck is empty, and ready to head to Wisconsin!

According to a press release from the Superior-Douglas County Chamber of Commerce, you and your "treasures" could be "picked" by Mike and Frank when they make their way to the Badger State!

On their want list are:

Motorscooters (Vespas, Lambretta, Cushman); old advertising signage; motorcycles; bicycles (pre-60s to turn of the century); unusual radios: transistor /tabletop; old toys: tin, wind-up and cast iron; pre-50s vending machines; pinball and slot machines; old Movie Posters; antique casino/gaming machines; vintage movie memorabilia; vintage advertising Items; taxidermy; vintage concert posters and T-shirts; early Boy Scout items; pre-60s vintage diner collectibles; pre-60s TV merchandise; pre-50s western/equestrian gear; classic motorcycle memorabilia’ old rodeo items; airline collectibles (Pan-Am, TWA, etc); late 70s and earlier military Items; extraordinary mobster memorabilia; vintage police officer collectibles; firefighter collectibles; pre-40s telephones; Folk art; vintage BB Guns/Cap Guns; early Halloween items; pre-40s Christmas items; Hawaiian/Tiki collectibles; vintage sports collectibles; vintage election memorabilia; musical instruments; Civil War antiques; vintage gas pumps; pre-70s old neon signs; strange woodcarvings; vintage collegiate collectibles and casino tables.

They are currently NOT looking for farming/agricultural items, tools, glassware, appliances, crocks, stoves and other country primitives.

So, if you have a large private collection of those "rusty gold" items stashed away and would like to be considered for the show, email your name, contact information, town and a description of your collection to jano@superiorchamber.org.

HINT: Pictures of your entire collection are also extremely important and a much better way to get the show’s attention rather than pictures of just one or two items.

They will forward your information to the American Pickers' production staff, who will review your submission. Please be patient. The production staff receives hundreds of emails a day to review, and they will contact you directly if your collection piques their interest.

Good luck, and I hope to see you on the History Channel!


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