Most of us have older items around the house either as decorations or locked away somewhere because they have sentimental value but you don't have a use for them.  Or if you're like me, you buy random things you don't need at rummage and garage sales that are antique looking and are inexpensive to buy.  These items though, just might have more value than you think.

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Sure you can ask Uncle Google about them, and truth be told the information on just about anything you want is out there.  It's crazy how much detail you can find on something down to letter and number markings and what they mean as far as where an item was made, who made it, and what it was made for.  Still, the internet doesn't know everything and getting a true appraisal value using the net is at best a good guess you are making.  If you do want a more accurate appraisal rate of an item, you can get that for free.

On Wednesday, September 22nd you're invited to bring your antique, or assumed antique items to The Depot in Duluth, MN.  The event runs from Noon-3:00PM and you are asked to arrive no later than 2:30 for registering your up to two items.  If the items you want appraised are too large or fragile to bring in, you are encouraged to bring good photos of said items including markings so they can still estimate the value.

This event is put on by the St. Louis County Historical Society and the Duluth Depot is located at 506 West Michigan Street.

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