Another step in the direction of normalcy is about to arrive as the St. Louis County Depot prepares to reopen to the public.  They've produced a fun video to help create excitement, along with a lot of smiles.

The official reopening date for The Depot is Thursday, April 1. You can check out the video above, which features a tongue in cheek vibe while showcasing the things we know and love about The Depot. It also shows us a few new things we can expect due to the pandemic.

It will be great to have all The Depot has to offer available again, including the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, The Duluth Playhouse, The Duluth Art Institute, The Minnesota Ballet, The Veterans Memorial Hall and The St. Louis County Historical Society.

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According to St. Louis County Depot Facebook page, The St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center is "home to several dynamic organizations. There are three exhibiting organizations displaying collections of artifacts and artwork; the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, St. Louis County Historical Society, and Duluth Art Institute."

The North Shore Scenic Railroad is another seasonal favorite and they've already announced that Thomas The Tank Engine will be returning to Duluth this summer.

Personally, I grew up heavily involved with The Duluth Playhouse. My dad got me and my sisters involved at a young age and we ended up being in productions every year right through our teenage years. It will be great to not only have live theater back as an option, but to have related programs available once again to Northland kids.

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