Glensheen in Duluth has to taken great strides to increase what all the beautiful property has to offer.  They make sure to have special features to make the tours more fun for the whole family and on many nights in the summer will offer live music right on the lake shore.

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For the month of March, Glensheen is offering free grounds admission every Wednesday evening from 5:00-8:30PM.  It's an offer for anyone from the public to checkout the spacious property at no cost, but will still offer food and beverages for purchase should you desire.  You'll be able to find that food and drink in the Garage of the Carriage House and there will be tacos, beer, wine, and hot chocolate.  There will even be a featured Craft Cocktail Hot Chocolate Bar, with non-alcoholic options available to purchase as well.

Since the grounds are sizeable, it allows for plenty of room to explore while remaining socially distant.  In fact, Glensheen has taking great strides to help keep guests safe through their health and safety measures.

It wouldn't be a night on Lake Superior without a campfire, so they will have those going to enjoy and make sure you stay toasty.  The do want to make sure that you keep it to one household around a fire at a time though.  This is a great way to get out of the house and not have to spend a lot of money for some great scenery and family time while getting that fresh air.  You can get more information about their free Wednesday night events and everything that Glensheen has to offer HERE.

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