So we all know that going out to the movies isn't cheap.  Especially if you are buying all of your goodies at the theater.

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While I've done my fair share of smuggling in things from candy to footlong Subway subs and Taco Johns, I usually just spring for what they have available at the theater.  Many theaters now have a lot more options anyway, at some you can even get halfway decent burgers and cocktails which is nice.

Yesterday I took the nine year old to see The Addams Family 2.  Her Mother was out of town and if I'm being honest, I wanted to see it as well.  Now, I will admit, I prefer the movie theater experience, so this isn't a total complaint on prices, it's more of just a "heads up", if you haven't been to the theaters in a while.  For a "Child" and "Adult" ticket for a matinee showing, we were in for over $21, just for the movie.

Add in one Icee, one bag of candy, one bottle of water, a junior and a regular popcorn, and we were in for another $35.  Maybe not so bad if they hadn't shrunk the sizes of popcorn, and if the concession areas were actually clean.  Adding as well to the disappointment is the theater was filthy, and clearly not cleaned after the last group.  I shouldn't find some mutant kid's sticky mess in the cup holder and have popcorn all around on the floor.

I understand there are staffing shortages, and I understand that prices have gone up on just about everything.  But I go to the movies for the experience which I'm willing to be less grumbly about the prices if things were at least clean.  It sure makes dropping $20ish bucks on renting it at home a lot more appealing.  Have you had similar theater experiences since the pandemic started?

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