According to KBJR6 Some Good Samaritans found a bald Eagle in pretty bad shape tangled up in fishing line and with a lure stuck in his body near a lake in Nashwauk. They brought the bird to Wildwoods Animal Rehab Center in Duluth. Once at the center they were able to examine the eagle and found that the fishing line had hooked his back thumb to his wing and a barbed lure was embedded in his chest.

The staff at Wildwoods worked through the night to free the bird of the fishing line and spiked lure and helped him remain calm and comfortable. Jessica LaBumbard who is Executive Director at Wildwoods said, “The best thing to do is to make sure all of your fishing line is properly discarded. Don’t leave it on the shoreline and when you do use a barbed lure make sure to cut it before you discard it, so that the pieces alone aren’t a danger to our wildlife.”

This is a good reminder for people to always pick up after yourself when fishing, hunting etc. and of course remove any trash in the area. Thankfully the bird is now stable and has been transferred to the Raptor Center in St. Paul for continued care. If you come across any wildlife in need of help please call  Wildwoods Center at (218) 491-3604.

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