As the 2013 Grammys begin winding down, the biggest awards start to be handed out, and Record of the Year is certainly no exception.

Prince, who needed no introduction (almost -- thanks host LL Cool J), cascaded down the stairs with a cane, black hoodie, and sunglasses to present the nominees, and he nearly stole the show with his "I'm the best, bow down to me" kind of attitude. Which. We. Loved.

Although those who were nominated were done so with good reason, no one was more deserving of this award than Gotye for 'Somebody That I Used to Know,' which sounded like nothing else on the radio this past year.

"I'm a little bit lost for words to receive an award from the man standing behind us with a cane," said Gotye, looking happy and excited to be accepting one of the hottest awards of the night. And in a sweet gesture, he also thanked Prince for inspiring him to make music before continuing with his speech.

"I just have to say, there are so many incredible songs in this category, not only in the Grammys, more generally, but also there are so many arists and pieces of music that aren't recognized by the Grammys this year, I just wanna say thank you for everybody who puts great energy into the world by making good music."

And Kimbra, who's featured on the track, thanked Gotye for the opportunity to work with him, calling him "amazing."

Watch the Gotye 'Somebody That I Used to Know' Video Feat. Kimbra

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