November has started off cool and wet, and even a bit snowy; and now the National Weather Service is saying a stretch of colder than normal temperatures is expected to sweep into the area later this week. While that may sound daunting, what exactly is "average" for this time of year, and how much colder will it be?

The "average" daytime high temperature for this week is 39 degrees and next week's average temperature is 36 degrees. While those temperatures aren't exactly "warm", the forecast is calling for even colder temps. A graphic from the National Weather Service (seen below) shows the greatest probability of colder than normal temperatures from between November 10 through November 14, with an additional chance of below normal temps in the second half of next week.

Starting even before that November 10 date referenced in the graphic, we'll see a slide in temperatures. On Wednesday (November 7), daytime high temperatures are expected to dip below the freezing point with a forecasted daytime high of 31. From there, we'll see highs of 27 degrees on Thursday, 26 degrees on Friday, and 25 degrees on Saturday; which looks like just the beginning of what appears to be at least a week of sub-freezing temperatures.

As we get closer to the Christmas City of the North Parade (November 16) and the opening of Bentleyville (November 17) at the end of next week, you may be wondering what to expect. While specific details that far out may be tough to determine, the general weather pattern suggests daytime highs near the freezing point, with evening temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. We'll keep an eye on those details and share as we get closer!

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