Where do I even start with how much I adore Adele? You know an artist is pretty powerful when the minute you hear a few seconds of a song, you have to sit down for fear of passing out from the fierceness. O.K. a little dramatic but that is the power of Ms. Adele.

She is a sassy Brit, who smokes , swears like a sailor, has a contagious laugh, and seems like she would be  the first person you would call with good news. She is an absolute powerhouse who  has suffered some serious heartache at a young age, but made  huge success from her pain.

Then that voice, she sounds like an old soul and her latest c.d. "21" definitely has an Americana, Bluesy Influence....PERFECTION. So, Adele I am so looking forward to your live performance Sunday night,  show the world how when it comes down to it, what size dress you wear is not the measure of a great artist, it is  Your Voice!!  Go On Girl!