Grandma's Marathon weekend is just about a month away and now it's on pace to break a big record with only a few spots left in all three different races.

Late last week, organizers announced they had opened more spots for those that wanted to run the William A. Irvin 5K this year. They added one-hundred more spots for those that wanted to register.

This news came shortly after the Fitger's 5K, which was back to full capacity this year for the first time in a few years. COVID-19 had a big impact, with races not being able to be run in person due to safety protocols.

Whether a 5K runner or someone going long distance, you have a chance to get in on any of the big three races for Grandma's this year if you haven't already. As of mid-February, Grandma's Marathon races were filling up at a record pace.

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Now that we are down to the wire, there are only a handful of races left. Grandma's Marathon organizers sent out a press release Wednesday (May 11th), stating that nearly twenty-thousand people have registered for races so far.

That means this year's races have potential to be the largest group of runners ever and that record could be broken when the weekend of the races rolls around. We will have to wait until then to see but it should also be noted that this year is also expected to be the first official sellout for all three races since 2016.

As of Wednesday afternoon, here is where things stand in terms of space left for the different races:

  • Grandma's Marathon: 150 entries
  • Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon: 20 entries
  • William A. Irvin 5K: 35 entries
  • Great Grandma's Challenge: 10 entries

If you want to take part in any of these races, register as soon as possible. Registration will remain open until the first of June. However, if races fill up before then, you will miss out on your chance to race. It should also be noted that all three races are available to race virtually.

I run the 5K as often as I can and it is a really cool experience to take part in any of the races. It is a cool energy in Duluth during the weekend of the marathon and a fun think to be a apart of.

Plus, live music is back in a big way with Rock The Bayfront. Local bands will rock the stage at Bayfront Festival Park this year on Friday and Saturday so you can race, eat, drink and sing along!

Curious about the weather forecast? It is certainly too early to tell what will happen with the weather but based on the weather in past years, you can get a little idea of what we usually see in Duluth that weekend.

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