It came in many forms, but it was originally known as the Big Wheel, and it was one of the greatest toys ever invented.!

I will never forget my first one, I was not big enough to ride a bike and it gave me the freedom to tool around the neighborhood as fast as my little legs would peddle. I would pull the break, spin in a circle and occasionally tip over and laugh hysterically.

Of course after a few months the fun was short lived as I got the dreaded hole in the plastic tire and that is all she wrote. Thankfully my mom and dad got me a shiny new one which lasted just as long. It was time to move on to a bike.

Can you imagine as an adult peeling around in a giant big wheel, made for adults? Yes it would be awesome, and these lucky few guys were loving every minute of it. Check out this link to buy one of your own with an adult size price!

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