With the latest storm in Minneapolis dumping a ton of snow in the Twin Cities this past weekend, many people got stuck all over the Metro just trying to get around, including a city bus.

This video below shows what Minnesotans will do when the going gets tough. How many times have you gotten stuck in the snow and some stranger stopped to help push you out? I have tried to repay the favor as often as I could by pushing out a few cars in my day.

Just a few weeks ago I was stuck on Tower Avenue in Superior when the plows came by and buried my car. I used a shovel and a lot of sweat to try and free myself, but no luck. Then a nice woman happened by carrying a shovel and helped dig me out and give me a push. She showed some Wisconsin Nice as well! Bravo to the guys pushing out the bus, and the guys cheering them on, that is quite the accomplishment.

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