A dirty license plate and an air freshener were the cause of a man getting pulled over and having his day/week/year ruined.

Cory Frazier, a 42 year-old-man from Philomath, Ore., is being charged with felony drug possession after police found 200 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle during a traffic stop on Interstate 94 last Friday (January 26th).

The worst part for Frazier? He was pulled over because of a dirty license plate and air fresheners, according to Otter Tail County Attorney Michelle Eldien. Ok, maybe that's not the WORST part of being caught with 200 pounds of weed, but it's certainly a tough pill to swallow when you get busted for some dirt on your car and a pine tree scented air freshener.

A canine was called in after the officer who stopped Frazier saw some suspicious tools in the can and boxes covered by a tarp. The Canine alerted to a scent and a search of those boxes revealed vacuum sealed bags of marijuana.

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