Unfortunately for fans of the Halloween franchise, it seems that The Shape should have just stayed in prison. The David Gordon Green trilogy has been nothing if not divisive, with a strong start, a middling middle, and apparently, a pretty disappointing ending. While John Carpenter gave this trilogy his blessing, either even he couldn’t save it, or he was mostly hands-off.

In the new trilogy, Michael Myers is thoroughly conflated with the concept of evil itself. That was painfully made clear by the constant chanting of “Evil dies tonight!” in Halloween Kills. While conscious horror that functions as an allegory for real-world problems can be extremely effective in the right hands, it can also bore you to death. In Halloween Ends, it seems that the nature of cyclical and intergenerational trauma is put under the microscope. Just not in a particularly satisfying, or even logical, way.

Here are a sampling of the early reviews of the film. Although there were a few positive notices, most were pretty negative:

As you can plainly tell from this selection of reviews, critics are divided so far. If any consensus is to be gleaned at all, it's that this movie is ... odd. While some were shocked at the final outcome to the trilogy, others were extremely annoyed at what they considered to be an all-too-predictable ending. On October 14, you can head to the theater (or watch on Peacock) for yourself and form your own opinion.

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