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Harry Styles Fans Don't Want You to Sexualize His Sleep Story

Harry Styles recently teamed up with Calm, a sleep story app, on which the artist will be reading a story called "Dream With Harry." But some are worried that others will attempt to "sexualize" Styles' sleep story, after some fans seemed to get a little too excited about his bedtime story. (via Capital FM

Americans Admit To Breaking Social Distancing Guidelines

More than 36% of Americans say they have visited their friends and families while in quarantine. Nearly 16% of Americans also say that they are more worried about getting a vaccine than getting the actual virus. (via My Bio Source

Will the U.S. Ban TikTok?

Could TikTok be banned from the United States? The U.S. is reportedly looking at banning all Chinese social media apps for the supposed safety of the United States. Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, claimed that we are giving away our privacy to the Chinese Communist Party. (via The Verge

The Easiest Way To Get $10,000

A company is offering $10,000 to one person to record a video of them... pooping. Yup, you read that right. You also get to have a super fun title: Vice President of Fecal Matter. Hurry, today is the last day to apply! (via TMZ

Floyd Mayweather's Cameo Cost $999 

Do you want Floyd Mayweather to make you a custom video? Well, hopefully you have $1,000 laying around! Mayweather said that his video can be used for personal and commercial use, like boxing tips, birthdays and more. (via TMZ)

One Dog Year Is Not Equal To Seven Human Years 

Whoops! It turns out that one dog year does not equal seven human years, but actually 30 human years! So, if you have a four-year-old dog, your dog is 52 in human years. Crazy, right? (via CNN)

One Direction's Early Years

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