Harry Styles has officially learned the hard way: No good deed goes unpunished.

The "Sign of the Times" singer, who won the hearts of fans when he stopped a recent concert to help a fan who suffered a panic attack, literally slipped up at London's Hammersmith Apollo on October 30 during a performance of "Kiwi." At the top of the song, fans began throwing the titular fruit on stage, and, with an untimely step, Styles slipped on the produce, rendering himself off-balance and likely the subject of many memes to come (check out the photo above for evidence).

"omg fans threw Kiwis at Harry on the friggin stage while performing Kiwi IM DEADASS LAUGHING RN but poor baby," one fan tweeted after the incident, while another noted "Uh guys we've all witnessed @Harry_Styles issue with gravity. Don't add to it with kiwis. He bruises like a peach, the poor thing."

A day after the incident, Styles allegedly requested that the crowd please not throw any additional fruit on stage, noting: "This could end up being a problem."

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