Earlier this summer a powerful storm swept through the Northland causing lots of damage, including the closing of Hartley Park. The good news, the park has been reopened.

July 21st, 2016 was not a good day for Northlanders after a powerful storm came through causing lots of damage. Hartley Park was unfortunately one of the areas that received a lot of damage. After months of hard work cleaning up the park thanks to many volunteers, Hartley Nature Center, CN, and the Stream Corps, the park has reopened once again.

Volunteer work still continues on a few multi-use trails, but the park is still open to the public. An estimated 1000 trees blown down by the wind storm thanks to a generous donation of 3500 trees from Canadian National EcoConnexions "From the Ground Up" program. Mayor Larson even helped plant trees in honor of Arbor Day earlier this year.

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