Houseboats look like a lot of fun. I see them every summer on big lakes in Minnesota, like lake Vermilion. It's the ultimate experience, like having your own RV on water. You can explore beautiful Minnesota lakes with everything right with you. I've always wondered what it costs, so I did a little research and got a little bit of a sticker shock.

I've looked at several businesses for pricing including Lake Vermilion Houseboats, Rainy Lake Houseboats, and Kinsey Houseboats. The prices do vary a bit from place to place, but not by a whole lot. A lot of the price depends on what size houseboat you are renting. Smaller ones obviously cost less, but if you have a family you're going to need a bigger boat.

Peak months in the summer are the priciest. Renting a houseboat that can sleep 4-6 people ranges anywhere from $400-$600 per day. Weekly rates are about $2600-$3000 dollars. Premium large boats can be as much as $7,000. Everywhere I looked requires a minimum 3-day rental with a damage deposit, and in some cases a cash deposit ahead of your trip.

If you want just a three-day weekend, depending on what kind of boat you'll select, the cheapest I've encountered was about $850 from Kinsey's, and it can go up to $4,470 for a weekend on the Executive Houseboat from Lake Vermilion Houseboats.

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I have to admit that some of these houseboats look like floating hotels. How awesome would it be to spend a week on the water on one of these things? It's just amazing.

Are you planning on bringing a pet? There may be extra fees for that as well, sometimes to the tune of $50 a day.

A lot of the houseboats come furnished as well with everything you need for your stay, minus the food and beverages. So, it's a bit spendy to rent them, but if you consider what the cost to stay at a resort is, plus a boat rental, and the convenience of already being on the water, I could see validating the price.

If you're looking for a deal, midweek rates are usually cheaper, and they have cheaper pricing in colder months in the spring and fall. If you could time it right, fall colors would be fantastic on a houseboat.

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