If you're scared of things that go bump in the night, you may want to avoid this haunted Wisconsin bridge at all costs. Yikes.

There are many haunted places across both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Recently, I learned about a haunted road in Wisconsin! There are many rumors and legends about why it is haunted in the first place but only one story has ever been confirmed.

There are also haunted places right here in the Twin Ports! A cemetery on Rice Lake in Duluth is allegedly very haunted. Ghost hunters have gone to the spot and tried to communicate with the other side and some have even captured audio recordings.

There have even been some haunted artifacts found on the internet in Duluth marketplaces! A scary Dybbuk box was for sale recently. If you don't know the story behind it, you can read up about it but I would only do so in the light of day.

There are so many haunted places across the midwest and it is hard to keep track of them all and some are more famous than others. The story behind this supposedly haunted bridge in Wisconsin definitely caught my attention, though.

The spot is called the Siren Bridge. It is located in Siren, which is about an hour and a half from the Duluth area. The story behind this bridge will make you spooked. According to a Facebook page dedicated to all things scary, a family died while traveling across the bridge due to a crash.

To this day, people apparently hear echoes from the family and some report hearing screams for help. Others say that they can hear the voice of one of the young children from the family over the radio calling out for help. Ahhh!

The bridge is a supposedly haunted landmark that has many intrigued. A different report on the bridge says that the family died in the 1980s, making it a more recent haunted spot. This report says that it was a mom, dad and young daughter in the car at the time.

As with all haunted attractions, people have taken to the area to see if they can experience anything paranormal. What makes this supposedly haunted bridge so spooky is that even if it isn't haunted, the story behind the car crash has been proven and confirmed as real and not folklore.

There are some details that are a bit fuzzy about the Siren Bridge and the story behind it. While some say it is a bridge, others say it is instead a road that crosses a marshy creek. Some reports say the crash happened during a Halloween blizzard. Only that fact that the crash happened has been confirmed.

Chad Lewis, a paranormal fanatic who writes about haunted places, also wrote about the bridge. He says he spoke to two people who drove over the bridge and both heard a girl's voice over the radio, which cut out as he approached it. They both say the voice was screaming out for her mom and said "I can't get out" over and over. After they got past the bridge, they both say their radio went back to normal.

However, a few paranormal investigators he spoke to say nothing paranormal happened to them while investigating and driving over the bridge. We will see if more details about this come out in the future but for now, we have a little bit to work with.

One thing is for sure - I wouldn't be driving over this bridge alone or at night.

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