The paranormal.  Always a fascination for some people.  Whether it's movies or TV shows dealing with the paranormal, or if you are just a person who is super interested in finding out what is around us that we maybe cannot see.  Or are there aliens?  I mean people/beings from other planets, not people from other countries.

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Personally, I do think that there are spirits around us, I just don't want to be like the "Sixth Sense"... I DON'T want to see dead people.  Go ahead and be there, but I don't want to see you or any evidence of you being there.  I would never be on that show "Ghost Hunters".  Some things are just better left alone.

Today is National Paranormal Day. It's a day when we can track how many sightings Minnesota has as far as UFOs, some ghost sightings and how many ghost towns are there in our state.

Someone actually took some time to track that information for all 50 states.  From a press release:

To collect the data, we analyzed every UFO and ghost sighting reported to NUFORC and Ghostsofamerica, also revealing the number of ghosts towns across each U.S. state. This allowed us reveal which are the most talked areas by the paranormal a head of national paranormal day.

Minnesota comes in with 31 ghost towns.  This is compared to states like New Mexico with 572 ghost towns and Nevada with 537.

UFOs; Minnesota comes in with 2053 sightings.  That is compared to California which had the most "UFO" sightings at 15, 719.  The next closest was Florida with 7,988.

When it comes to actual ghost sightings, Minnesota came in with 1113.  Which I think is a lot until I see the numbers from Texas with 7444 and California with 6996.  Maybe they are ghost of old Hollywood actors?

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Some interesting data.  These numbers are don't make Minnesota much of a hotspot for the paranormal, but if you want a better chance of encountering these things, head to California, Texas and Florida.  Or Nevada.  Probably from when the mob ran Las Vegas.  Just a guess.

Happy ghost hunting...

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