Some Ghost Hunters from the YouTube channel North Shore Paranormal were out doing some exploring for ghosts when it appears, a ghost may have told them to "go."

Loaded with more gadgets than the Hollywood Ghostbusters, these paranormal investigators are at Duluth's Greenwood Cemetery using a device called an EVP recorder (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that can apparently hear the voices of ghosts. Several words may be heard (you can decide) including the name "Frank" and "Seven" and the word "Seance".

The ghost hunters continue to use various devices to try and detect the presence of ghosts, including the use of a K2 EMF meter, or electromagnetic field meter, this device is advertised "to detect and measure any potential electromagnetic anomalies that may take place during a paranormal investigation." Using this device they do detect several anomalies.

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The pair continue to try and listen for the voices of the dead and use the EMF meter and eventually add a flashlight that the ghosts apparently can turn on and off, all while playing big band music from the 1920s. This seems to get a reaction from all the devices, prompting one of the investigators to ask if the sprits are "dancing".

Cemetery night

As the sun goes down, things start taking a dark twist as the ghost hunters start communicating with the other side, with a voice saying to them "die", after that the team asked the spirits if they wanted them to stay or go, you can hear a voice on their EVP recorder say "GO".

You can judge for yourself, the video of the entire experience at the cemetery is below, what do you think? Did a ghost really tell them to die and leave the area?

If you want to look more into the devices North Shore Paranormal and other ghost hunters use, I found this site called GhostStop that sells the most insane gadgets for ghost hunting, including a stuffed Teddy bear called BooBuddy that "detects environmental changes, speaks responses and asks EVP questions."

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