Ghost Hunts USA will be hosting a special event  at Nopeming Sanatorium that is open to the public, but not for the faint of heart. The Overnight Ghost Hunt is Friday September 28 from 7pm-4am.

UPDATE 8/0/18: The first date of the Overnight Ghost Hunt is Sold Out, click here for information and tickets for second date that was added!

In 1912 the first building opened at Nopeming when the first 50 tuberculosis patients arrived at the facility, which later expanded by leaps and bounds to accommodate all the people suffering from this horrible disease.Thousands of patients had died at this facility and many were actually cremated right on site.

As the years went by the Sanatorium was eventually closed down and has been abandon for years peaking the curiosity of many people who have heard rumors or stories and want to get a sneak peak for themselves. Security has been put in place to curb the vandals and people who want to sneak inside, but occasionally they do open it up to the public for special events.

In 2015 the crew from Ghost Adventures took a tour and for many people this was their first glimpse ever of these now decaying buildings.

Nopeming Sanatorium has been known to be a hot spot for paranormal activity. According to their Facebook Page these are some of the things that have been reported:

" Shadow figures, full-bodied apparitions, cold spots and strange wind, doors banging opened and closed, whispering, footsteps, strange shuffling noises, running, squeaking chairs, items being removed from closed bags and randomly appearing in other places, nurse call alarms activating of their own volition, knocking, disembodied voices, chilling EVPS (electronic voice phenomena), scratching noises, shadows crawling on the ceiling and walls, crying, screaming."

If you still think you could handle hours of being camped out with your friends and some Ghost Hunters Click Here For Tickets!

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