What better time to dig into the "Paranormal Locations In Your Backyard" than October? Yes, it's the month of spookiness as we approach Halloween and the Cloquet Public Library is hosting a presentation that might just give you the creeps.

The presentation takes place this Saturday and features speaker Chad Lewis. He travels across the country and investigates paranormal and unusual places. He's even been to Transylvania to track vampires and even searched for the Loch Ness monster. Lewis has been on national TV shows like Discovery Channel's A Haunting, William Shatner's Weird or What, and many more tv appearances.

Chad Lewis
Chad Lewis

Here's Chad appearing in an episode of Weird or What?

Here's another feature from a Hayward TV News Station where he investigated a Ghost Island near Hayward.

Chad will be bringing his presentation to the Cloquet Public Library this Saturday, October 15 at 10:30 am. It's free to the public and open to all ages. The audience will learn about some of the most bizarre places in Minnesota, like a bloody Cementary right in Duluth, and a haunted hotel in Sauk Centre.

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Lewis will share stories about phantom creatures in the Minnesota Woods, UFO sightings, and other paranormal locations you can go and visit yourself. There will be photos, case history, eyewitness accounts, and more information on how you can find and investigate these places on your own.

Once again, it's free to the public and everyone is welcome to attend at the Cloquet Public Library, located at 320 14th Street.

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