For most of us, our fury pets are so much more than that, they are a family member.  Hell, I've even had dogs before that we're better friends than blood related family.

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Because they mean so much to us, we want them to be as safe as possible, especially if they happen to wander off and go missing.  As a decent and responsible pet owner, you hopefully have some kind of identifying tag attached to your fury family member's collar.  I'm going to pretend you have a dog and from here on out refer to those identifying tags as dog tags.

Dog tags generally have the name of the pup, an address for home, and hopefully a phone number to contact someone who might be missing them.  These are good for anyone in the general public that comes across them, and of course for animal control should they scoop up the hound.

My wife recently picked up a new one for our hound dog, and it's a more modern approach to dog tags.  The brand is Byte Tag and it's basically the future of dog tags.

With Byte Tags, you create an account for your pup, upload relevant information like a picture, contact information, and anything good to know if someone finds them.  If someone does find your dog, they simply scan the tag with their phone and any uploaded information will be presented to them.  It also gives a nice option to "notify the owner of your location", once the tag is scanned.

I've only noticed a couple of minor downsides to a tag like this, and the first is people who can't use tech.  We all still have people we know who have ancient smart phones without some kind of scanner built into them.  Even some people with current tech aren't the type to know how or care to use it.  So, one of those people finding a pet with a more modern tag like this one might struggle to figure it out.

The other downside is the provided metal connection between the tag and they keyring that attaches to the collar.  It seems like a weak point and could probably use some upgrading, especially if you have multiple dogs who like to play.

All in all, it seems like a decent product to help keep a fury family member safe.  Have you used this or a similar tag for your pets?

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