If you are a pet owner, you  may know how it feels to realize that your pet is missing, and it is a horrible sinking feeling.  But, A woman In New York owes the TODAY SHOW for helping find her lost dog.

Ruth Torres happened to tune into the TODAY SHOW last week and saw a segment about animals up for adoption, and saw her missing dog on the show ! Apparently Ruth's brother had taken her Irish Wolfhound to a dog run in the Bronx and abandon him there.

This dog was missing for 3 weeks, had no I.D. tag or micro-chip, so this one in a million chance on T.V. reunited owner and dog. Here is where I get on my soap box. We have a cat and a dog, both who have i.d. tags and are micro-chipped.

Our cat constantly gets out of the house, she is an indoor cat, but sees an open door and off she goes.  Our dog is on a tie out, but just 2 weeks ago the leash snapped and she was running top speed down the block.

Vet.'s can do the micro-chip implant and this would help you re- unite with your pet in case the collar they are wearing should come off. Also, any pet you adopt from Animal Allies all have been micro-chipped already, so you are all set to keep your pet safe and get him/her back home. :)