Today Show

Al Roker Sharts
Very few adults would come clean on doing what Al Roker admitted to doing at the White House, of all places.
Woman Finds Lost Dog on TV
If you are a pet owner, you  may know how it feels to realize that your pet is missing, and it is a horrible sinking feeling.  But, A woman In New York owes the TODAY SHOW for helping find her lost dog.
Girl Who Can Say Words Backwards On The Today Show[VIDEO]
This girl Alyssa is amazing, as I sit back and watch this video it makes me wish that our teenagers could master the language in forward.....ha ha just kidding kids. Well not really . :) Apparently her brain can just flip the word for her, and she is able to pronounce it backwards within seconds...
Kate Hudson Is Engaged
I have always loved Kate Hudson, she seems like she is so down to earth which is rare in Hollywood. And the fact that her Mom is a famous actress too. In case you missed the today show Matt Lauer got the inside scoop!