With Ed Sheeran‘s acclaimed debut ‘+’ finally in stores in the U.S., the redhead stopped by the ‘TODAY’ show studio in New York to promote the record. Taylor Swift‘s new favorite singer performed ‘The A Team,’ the song that made him a household name in England.

Before performing, Sheeran spoke about life on the road, saying, “It’s a good life to have. I get to travel beautiful countries and see everything that I wouldn’t be able to see if I wasn’t a musician.”

He responded to a question about being part of a new British invasion by replying, “I don’t think we ever left. We’ve always been here. We trade acts all the time. You gave us Hendrix and we gave you the Beatles. We get Rihanna and you get Adele.”

Sheeran proceeded to play the heavy acoustic track that was inspired by a visit to a homeless shelter. He sang alone inside the studio as part of the Toyota Concert Series. Sheeran also performed the tune for the Queen of England at the Diamond Jubilee Concert last week.

Sheeran’s album ‘+’ is currently at No. 2 on the iTunes album chart, behind only the new release from Usher. The album helped him win two BRIT Awards earlier this year.

Watch Ed Sheeran Perform ‘The A Team’ on ‘TODAY’