I know very few people who aren't a fan of some kind of BBQ.  Between ribs, brisket, beans, or pulled pork, there is a lot to choose from.  Add to that so many types of dry rub seasonings and sauces, the options are endless.

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I've had some great BBQ from several areas of the United States, and you don't have to go way down south to get something delicious.  Northern Minnesota wowed me again on my way back from Ely.  I was up there for work with my other gig, and my co-worker mentioned stopping at a place in Tower.  It's called Neighbor's BBQ Co.

Neighbor's BBQ Chicken Wings- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Neighbor's BBQ Chicken Wings- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

We were on the clock, work was buying, and you know, it's BBQ.  We rolled in and it was quite busy for a Wednesday night.  That didn't mean it took long to get our food though, in fact, I was impressed with the speed.  My co-worker ordered the ribs but what caught my eye were the wings.  Advertised as "Full Wings", meaning the drumette and the flat portion.  That's how I grill mine, and theirs are smoked and then fried with a nice crisp outside.  I tired 3 flavors which included espresso BBQ, honey garlic, and their Miner's Charcoal Rub.  All were good with the espresso BBQ being the winner of the three for me.

The prices are decent for the portions you get and if you're into alcohol, I highly suggest the Neighbor's Old Fashioned.  Not that I tried it, I mean, I was technically clocked in.  If I had tried it, I might have had two because they were that tasty.  Also, my co-worker did enjoy the ribs which I'll try on my next stop.  If you're rolling through Tower, Neighbor's BBQ is worth the stop.  You can find out more about them and check out their full menu HERE.

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