Boy what a great weekend as I went down to our laundry room yesterday and I was surprised by an inch of sewer water covering our laundry room ! Yuck and Yikes!

The beauty of owning a home and all it's problems. Thankfully our neighbors gave us a Shop Vac after the big flood this summer, because we do not have enough towels in our whole house to have sopped up the mess.

Apparently we had a log jam of some sort (no pun intended) :) along with a few roots from the bushes by our deck. Thankfully I was able to get a plumber to come out on a Sunday and clear everything out for us. I hate to camp for that exact reason, I love indooor plumbing and I sure don't want to have to find another place to go to the bathroom in my own house!

Yes, it was spendy and from now on I hope any future plumbing issues happen during the week between 9am and 5pm, but with three kids in the house and 2 adults you have to get stuff back up and working. So word to the wise, keep a sharp eye out for any unusual happenings in your basements or wherever your sewer is located so you can avoid a stinky mess!