Mother Nature is getting ready to really stick it to us over the next few days but I guess we can consider ourselves lucky as the month of February has been pretty mild. The Twin Cities is getting a massive amount of snow with whiteout conditions across the state and southern Wisconsin is getting the worst ice storm in decades.

So as I sit and scroll my Facebook page and see my friends in Florida in shorts and t-shirts frolicking with their kids on the beach, or my other friends in Cabo having a tropical drink or two. Here  I sit with a space heater at my feet, and it makes me really wonder at times what the heck am I doing here I hate winter!

But we all know if you stick it out long enough and be patient summer will eventually come in all its glory for hopefully at least a couple of weeks. So now with the Polar Plunge behind us and a record turnout of people jumping into Lake Superior in February, now we go towards March where I officially declare it is spring, even though we all know that is not the case.

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Also, it's High School tournament season in Minnesota which also means blizzards that just go hand in hand. So thankfully Comedian Charlie Berens who was born and raised in Wisconsin can give us all a good laugh to make sure we are prepared for winter. Even though most of us already have these supplies and keep them at the ready pretty much year-round it is a good reminder of how we make it through this longest season of the year.

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